Welcome to Manor Park   "Gateway to the East"


There aren't many decent pubs around here, but there are some fine old buildings.

Blakesley Arms

That's the Blakesley Arms, a friendly local with a cold cellar. The Bass is sometimes quite good.

side view as requested


Is it a church? No it's the Earl of Essex. They sell Guinness, Beamish and Paddy Whiskey.

The Ruskin Arms - Bikers , heavy rock music and an Indian bar snacks menu from the restaurant at the side..

William The Conqueror - best avoided.

Sometimes it's worth going just outside of Manor park to reach the Rose and Crown, almost in Ilford.

The rose and crown is near the River Roding, here in flood.

This is a church, nothing to do with pubs at all
Since the photo was taken it was badly damaged when the big warehouse next door burnt down.

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