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High Seas forecasts for Cental and South Atlantic as available via Inmarsat
(Via the WMO JCOMM site and the free facilities of the Météo-France Navimail system)
Metarea II
Metarea V
Metarea VI
(north of 60°S)
Metarea VI
(Antarctica - south of 60°S, west of 20°W)

Synoptic charts for the western parts of the South Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica
(Forecast products based on 0000UTC data and usually available after 1000 UTC but it is wise to check that the products have been updated)
(Courtesy of the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional-Fuerza Aérea Argentina)
MSL pressure
Temperature (VT 12UTC)
Temperature (VT 18UTC)
General menu to above products        (Displays each set of charts vertically, temperature charts in pairs)
Temperature forecast charts include humidity and include an insert for Antarctica

Mean sea level pressure forecasts for South Atlantic for Days 3 to 7

(courtesy the European Centre for Medium Range Forecasts (ECMWF) , Reading, UK)
Menu of charts via the ECMWF (T+72 out to T+168)
for the South Atlantic and other parts of the world

Note the charts depict isobars and also indicate the forecast wind at the 850-hPa level (that is at about 5,000ft).
Note that these winds are stronger than are likely to be at the surface, but they do give an indication of the areas where strong surface winds may be expected.
Forecasts are based on 1200UTC data and are usually available on the ECMWF web site by or soon after 0000UTC

Satellite imagery

Neph-analysis of imagery over South Atlantic
Surface features (fronts and pressure centres) are indicated
Antarctica - Visible imagery
IR imagery for South America and the South Atlantic
Infra-red imagery: the darker the image the warmer the surface
Antarctica - IR imagery

Analysis chart issued by the NWS for the Equatorial and Southern parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Courtesy of the National Weather Service Washington

Latest Streamline low-level Analysis
Includes plotted observations and ship reports

This product displays the plotted surface observations including a selection of Selected SHIP reports.
Also displayed are the low-level winds as deduced from Geostationary Satellite imagery.
These low-level winds are likely to be somewhat stronger than surface winds.
The isopleths are streamlines rather than isobars and so represent the low-level flow pattern
but the spacing, unlike isobars, does not give an indication of wind strength

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