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Links on this page give access to information which is available mainly for scientific interest. In general, the links provide access to information gleaned by research groups and are generally based on satellite imagery. The actual date of the information should be checked as there is no guarantee that the information is up-to-date.

Wisconsin University - Antarctic Projects
This site is undergoing a major revision. Several of the links are not currently active but when the revision is completed the site is expected to provide access to a considerable amount of real time meteorological data for Antarctica (observations, satellite imagery of clouds etc, and forecast products produced by the UK Met Office and the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts). This site is an excellent source for imagery of icebergs.
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(National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, USA)
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DISCLAIMER: Sources of meteorological and other marine information on the Internet are not guaranteed and therefore must not be relied upon. In particular, the links above are NOT provided within the context of Safety Of Life at Sea but provide material of interest in particular to research groups and others interested in the Antarctic. The links provide access to information provided by research groups and generally based on satellite imagery. If accessing the information to supplement warnings and forecasts then it is essential that the actual date of the information be checked as there is no guarantee that the informaition is up-to-date.
Please refer to Volume 3(2) of the Admiralty List of Radio Signals published by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office for details of the availability of ice information within the context of Marine Safety Information.
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