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In the tables below, access to the relevant Metarea page on the WMO-IOC/JCOMM site is provided by clicking on Metarea I or Metarea II in the heading of the first two tables, and clicking on the Metarea number (Roman numeral) in the first column of the table headed Marine Forecasts available for Metareas III to XVI. But note that if you access the information via this method you are advised not to bookmark the page containing the forecast text, rather only bookmark the home page for the information for a specific Metarea. Quick downloads of forecasts in text format issued within the GMDSS may be accessed via the Météo-France Navimail service, (more details).

High Seas Forecast
Issued by the Met Office for broadcast via INMARSAT at 0930/2130 UTC
   High Seas forecast for Metarea I
Shipping Forecast (Coastal sea areas)
Issued by the Met Office at 0505/1130/1725/2330 Local Clock Time
Shipping forecast       Latest Gale Warning
Storm Warning
Latest Storm Warning issued by the Met Office, Exeter for Metarea I
Forecast for the Inshore Waters around the United Kingdom
Issued by the Met Office at 0500/1700 UTC
Inshore Waters Forecast
Coastal waters around Ireland
Warnings & Forecast    Coastal reports     Forecast charts
(courtesy Met Eireann and RTE, Ireland)
Forecasts issued by Norway
Sea area forecasts and index      
Forecasts for waters north of 65N
Netherlands Coast and southern North Sea
KNMI Warnings: Menu
Marine Forecasts - (in Dutch)
(courtesy KNMI)
Baltic and eastern North Sea
Menu for sea-area forecasts including the Baltic, Fisher and German Bight
Menu for Weather forecasts in English issued by Denmark

(courtesy Danish Meteorological Institute)

High Seas Forecast
Issued by Météo-France at 0900/2100 UTC (in English) 
High Seas forecast for Metarea II (North Atlantic)
NAVTEX bulletin as broadcast by Corsen [A]
Issue times 0900/2100
NAVTEX bulletin (Biscay etc)
Météo-France - Marine products Menu
Menu page
Forecasts and Warnings and a selection of forecast charts (In French)
NAVTEX bulletin as broadcast by La Garde [W]
Issue times 0930/ 2130
NAVTEX bulletin (Western Mediterranean)
Radio France Internationale Bulletin for the North Atlantic 
Forecast for south and south-east North Atlantic
(Southwest Approaches to the Windward Isles
Forecast for the Southern and South-eastern North Atlantic, in French,
as broadcast by RFI at 1140 UTC
Spanish Met Service: Marine forecasts (in Spanish)
Coastal waters (out to 20 km)          Western Mediterranean
Atlantic waters including Approaches to the UK
Full details of NAVTEX and coastal station broadcasts (no real-time forecasts)
from the Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia, Spain
GMDSS forecasts in English via   Météo France
Index page for forecasts      Menu for access to the wave model output
Azores & Madeira
GMDSS forecasts in English via   Météo France
Index page for forecasts (click on area required)
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Issued by the Met Office
Analysis and T+24 issued four times a day, the T+36/48/60/72 issued twice a day based on 00 and 12UTC data and usually available by 0800/2000UTC,
the T+84 based on 00UTC data usually available by 0900UTC, the T+96/120 based on 12UTC data usually available soon after midnight UTC

The following links to the Met Office prodects via the Wetterzentrale site
The following links are to the Met Office products via the Wetter3 web site
T+ 36
MSLP forecast menu for the world including the North Atlantic and Europe (MSLP isobars and 850-hPa winds)
from the European Centre for Medium Range Forecasts (ECMWF), Reading UK
Menu of charts via the ECMWF (T+72 out to T+168) for the North Atlantic and other parts of the world
MSLP Analysis prepared by the Deutscher Wetterdienst and the 36-hour forecast MSLP for 1200UTC tomorrow - available after 0930UTC
Analysis from the DWD data time 0000UTC
MSLP 36-hour forecast valid 1200UTC tomorrow from the DWD
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Marine Forecasts available for Metareas III to XVI
All links in the first column headed Metarea provide access to the relevant High Seas bulletin(s) via the WMO-IOC /JCOMM site.
The links in the column headed
Forecast are to alternative links, usually that of the Met Service providing the information of to more local forecasts
Links to
WMO-IOC  site
Issuing Country Forecast
Links to the Met Service if available
Notes & additional links
III(W) France High Seas forecast 
Western areas of the Mediterranean
Issue time 0900/2100
NAVTEX bulletin (La Garde) NAVTEX output from CROSS La Garde [W]
Spain Spanish coastal areas in the Mediterranean Western Mediterranean
from the Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia, Spain
Index for computer forecasts of wind etc
Forecasts for Catalan coast Catalan Meteorological Service:
Texts, wind and waves graphics
Sardinia Marine bulletins and charts
(area 46°N-36°N, 5°E-16°E)
Surface wind forecasts and sea state out to Day 3
(area 36-46°N, 5°E-16°E)
Follow menu on home page:
Previsione/Bollettino de mare/Accesso al bollettino
and finally choose the English version (top right)
Malta Three-day marine forecast for 50nm radius
Scroll down the page for the forecast
Observations of wind
MSLP 24-hr f/c       Radar
III(E) Greece Greek Met Service pages
Forecasts and other information for the
Poseidon site
(Click on the map to access the various menus)
Wind and swell forecasts around Greece for 36 hours ahead.
Turkey Mediterranean areas east of 12°E Fleet forecast areas to east of 12°E
See chart on page 184 Vol 3(1) ALRS 2003/2004 Ed
IV USA High Seas forecast High Seas issue times: 0420/1020/1620/2220
Ice information:    Canadian waters     US Coastguard chart 
V Brazil High Seas forecast Menu to charts and data
Best viewed using Explorer 5.0 or above
VI Argentina High Seas forecast N of 60°S
High Seas forecast S of 60°S
Menu for charts issued by Argentina
Links to information for Antarctica
VII South Africa High Seas forecast (PDF format) Coastal waters forecast         MSLP analysis
VIII(N) India High Seas forecast
via the WMO-IOC JCOMM site
ECMWF products for the area (T+72 to T+168)
VIII(S) Mauritius/Reunion High Seas forecast
via the WMO-IOC JCOMM site
Access to MSLP analysis
via the SAWB
IX Pakistan High Seas forecast Sub Areas 1-4
Saudi Arabia Local forecasts Red Sea and Arabian Gulf
X Australia High Seas forecasts
Click on map for area required
Menu of MSLP analyses and forecasts
XI Japan High Seas bulletin Menu to the JMA marine pages
Chart menu: Analysis & Forecast charts     
China/Hong Kong Bulletin issued by Hong Kong Menu to additional meteorological information
provided by Hong Kong Observatory
Thailand Menu for Shipping forecasts Sea areas around Thailand
and south to Singapore
Malaysia Menu for Shipping forecasts Forecasts for areas in the South China Sea
and the Straits of Malacca
Republic of Singapore Shipping forecasts Access to charts and other marine interest
Charts are for a large area (the South China Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean) - access requires an up-to-date browser
XII USA High Seas forecast North Pacific E of 180°E
XIII Russia High Seas forecast
via the WMO-IOC JCOMM site
XIV New Zealand High Seas forecast
May need to click or double click
Click on map for area required
Analyses and forecast charts
Click or double click on tab CHARTS if necessary
XV Chile National Met Service     Charts and other marine interest
XVI USA High Seas forecast Area to west of Peru
Antarctica Various Analyses and forecast products  Products issued by ECMWF, UK Met O and other sources

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Charts may be accessed direct from the NWS in TIF format - generally 100 to 150 Kb in size

Analyses via the NWS ftp server* (TIF format)
North Atlantic
North Pacific
South Pacific & South Atlantic
Indian Ocean & SW Pacific
 *Index of graphical products (analysis and forecast products) available via the NWS ftp server

Tropical storm information
world-wide via the WMO
Climatological Information and three-day forecasts via the WMO

Forecast bulletins by FTP via the NWS in Washington

The NWS provides an on request delivery by E-mail of marine bulletins which have been routed via the RTH at Washington. See a summary of the service on this site. The service provides a mechanism for accessing marine forecast texts for several Metareas and also to graphical products (for example, analyses and forecast weather charts although compared with text forecasts, files with charts are likely to be ten or more times larger than text bulletins). Currently the high seas forecasts for all the Metareas for which the NWS provides forecasts are available, and also available are those produced for Metarea 1 by the Met Office. For more information see the details of the NWS FTP mail service on the NWS web site.

Fax and radio-teleprinter broadcasts of meteorological information for shipping

The DWD maintain three radio outputs of meteorological information
Two radio telex broadcasts and a Radio Fax broadcast
   More details

Other useful links

The Guide Marine produced by Météo-France
A comprehensive source of meteorological information
available for the Mariner
in the eastern and central parts of the North Atlantic
and in the Mediterranean area.
Guide to world-wide radio-fax broadcasts
Maintained by Tim Rulon this Guide is available on the NWS site of NOAA (the latest update is dated February 9th, 2011). In addition to the listing of details of radio-fax broadcasts of interest to the mariner there is much useful information on accessing forecasts in the marine environment via FTP. The Guide is in PDF format.
National Weather Service in Washington
Products available via Inmarsat SafetyNET™                                      Comprehensive on-line guide to marine products issued by the NWS

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