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Metareas have the same boundaries as NAVAREAs, areas which are designated for the issue of navigational warnings and other related Maritime Safety Information within the GMDSS regulations.
In the context of the issue of meteorological forecasts and warnings for the High Seas the areas are referred to as Metareas. Certain Member countries of the World Meteorological Organization take on responsiblities as Preparation and/or Issuing Services for specific Metareas in the context of meteorological warnings and forecasts. In this context the United Kingdom has undertaken both responsibilities re Metarea I, the Met Office providing the warnings and forecasts and issuing them via the Inmarsat SafetyNET™ Service.

The table below is reproduced from that published in the WMO Manual on Marine Meteorological Services, WMO-No.558.
WMO publications may now be ordered online - go to the WMO site for more details - click on Publications.

Chart of the Metareas around the world (approx 26kB)
Metarea Details of boundaries
The North Atlantic Ocean east of 35W, from 4827'N to 71N including the North Sea and Baltic Sea sub-area.
Atlantic waters east of 35W, from 7N to 4827'N, and east of 20W from 7N to 6S.
The Mediterranean and Black Seas, east of the Straits of Gibraltar.
The western part of the North Atlantic Ocean eastwards of the North American coast to 35W, from 7N to 67N, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.
Atlantic waters west of 20W from 3550'S to 7N, narrowing in the coastal strips at the extremities to the Uruguay/Brazil frontier in 3345'S and the French Guyane/Brazil frontier in 4300'N.
The South Atlantic and Southern Oceans south of 3550'S, from 20W to the longitude of Cape Horn, 6716'W
The South Atlantic and Southern Oceans south of 6S from 20W to the coast of Africa, thence south to the Cape of Good Hope; the South Indian and Southern Oceans south of 1030'S from the Cape to 55E, thence south of 30S to 80E.
The area of the Indian Ocean enclosed by lines from the Indo-Pakistan frontier in 2345'N 68E to 12N 63E, thence to Cape Gardafui; the east African coast south to the equator, thence to 95E, to 6N, thence NE'wards to the Myanmar/Thailand frontier in 10N 9830'E.
The east African coast from the equator south to 1030'S, thence to 55E, to 30S, to 95E, to the equator, to the east African coast.
The Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf, north of Area VIII.
The South Indian and Southern Oceans east of 80E and south of 30S to 95E, to 12S, to 127E; thence the Timor Sea, South Pacific and Southern Oceans south of 10S to 141E to the equator, to 170E, to 29S, thence SW'wards to 45S in 160E, then the 160E meridian.
The Indian Ocean, China Sea and North Pacific Ocean northward of Area X and on the equator to longitude 180, eastward of Area VIII and the Asian continent to the North Korea/Russian Federation frontier in 4230'N 130E, thence to 135E, NE'wards to 45N 138E, to 45N 180.
The eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, west of the North and South American coast and east of 120W, from 324'S to the equator, thence to 180, to 50N thence NW'wards to 53N 172E, NE'wards following the marine frontier between United States and Russian Federation waters to 67N.
Sea areas enclosed north of Area XI and west of Area XII; also all Arctic waters from 170W westwards to 20E.
The South Pacific and Southern Oceans south of the equator, bounded by Area X to the west, Area XII to the north and Area XV to the east.
The South Pacific and Southern Oceans south of 1821'S following the coast of Chile to the longitude of Cape Horn in 6716'W, and 120W
The South Pacific Ocean between 1821'S and 324'S bounded by the coast of Peru and 120W

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This page created on 15th March 2002 by Martin Stubbs. It is based on the information in the WMO Manual on Marine Meteorological Services which should be consulted should regulatory material relating to Marine Meteorological Services be required. Other relevant material includes the Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and also the GMDSS regulations