Some Personal Stuff and General Greetings.

A CiH Brief Biog!

Real Name:- Chris Holland

Scene Nick:- CiH (not to be confused with the 'CIH' of the CIH virus!)

D.O.B:- Classified! I'm not that far off my fourth decade, but that's all the help you're getting!

Looks like:- Tall and wide, the Ascii facial pic is a pretty fair self-portrait.

Mental State:- Very mental indeed! Alright, a committed Atari (16/32 bit) fan.

Employment:- Yes, I'm afraid so... Too boring to tell, but keeps me in cheesy puffs and computers.

Real Job on the Scene:- Diskmag editor, previously of the Maggie Diskmag since 1993, until the 10th anniversary in 2000. Currently co-editor with Sebastien 'STS' Larnac of the 'Alive!' disk magazine.

What's a "Disk-magazine"?- Oh you would ask, wouldn't you. Well a Disk Magazine is a gathering of text, typically on a floppy disk, hence the name 'disk-magazine'. This can be displayed within a more or less elaborate custom-written menu shell and text displayer, and has a long and honourable history, pre-dating the modern form of the internet, the world-wide web, by some years. Diskmags can cover a wide range of topics, but have typically been used to represent the viewpoint and lifestyle of the hardcore coders, computer geeks, and the demo scene.

What's a "Demo Scene"? - I've had enough of this, go and look here for more information.

And what else?:- Well, I also do a nice little side-line in Ascii-Art!

No, I meant what other interests:- Travelling to strange places, see my party reports on the Alt Party pages for a sample, or read any issue of Maggie or Alive. I'm into current and historical affairs, reading, and the odd bit of writing (bits of this web site offers up a rather large clue here!) Also music, mainly listening, but with the (very) odd bit of dabbling as well. I also "make" stuff linked to my ascii work, and you can find out more about that elsewhere on the site. You may find me sometimes on #atariscne IRC when I've really not got anything much better to do.

Computer Biog:-Sinclair ZX81 (1981), Enterprise 64 (1984), Atari STFM (1987), Atari STe (1990), Atari Falcon '030 (1993), another Atari Falcon (1998), Acorn Archimedes A4000 (2nd hand-1998) followed by an Acorn Risc PC (2001). Then CT60 accelerator added to the the original Falcon (2003), Mac Mini (2005), a replacement for the Enterprise 64. (2005, thank you Ebay!) Finally, for now, an elderly Compaq Presario K6 PeeCee (2006).

Out of that lot, do you get the feeling I like Atari machines somehow?!

If you want to find out more about my current hardware menagerie, it has its own page now, the aptly described

  • Geek Corner.

    Likes:- Computers, especially historical and Non-PC ones, Non-sitcom comedy tele programmes, the non-fiction section of a bookshop, most forms of food especially fattening, people with a highly developed sense of the ridiculous, escaping from dull routine,, creatures of the feline dimension, electronic music, Science Fiction. "What if?" alternative history stuff... Money, who doesn't, but comfortable rather than greedy..

    Dislikes:- Wintel PeeCee's, this is gradually mellowing down into the category below, until something really stupid happens in connection with one of these, then the old hatreds reprise blackly, fully revived! Eastenders (The BBC TV Soap), cheesy kiddie-pop bands of dubious musical talent, a supremely cynical recording industry that chooses to exploit these gullible fame-hungry youths, politicians who prefer to employ spin doctors, rather than real doctors! Religious and ideological fanatics who give no middle ground, I'm an equal opportunity loather there! The Edge Magazine and media/smart-set poseurs in general...

    Not particulary bothered about:- Fantasy "literature", Lord of the Rings (yawn!) There, I said it! Most other soap operas fit into my beige apathy book, and I'm stunningly indifferent to all forms of hype. Media generated moral panics, wake me up when you're done! The UK press has now got itself into a position where anyone with half a brain learns to read between the lies! That last typo was deliberate!

    Hopes and aspirations for the future:- Erm?!? How about people learn to behave like demo and scene freaks, emphasise co-operation and mutual respect, do what they do for the sheer fun of it, with money and "normal" rat-race competitive behaviour kicked into touch. In our world, people get respect for what they *do*, rather than for displaying a cleverly faked cardboard cutout 'image thing' without showing a scrap of real talent for anything. It's amazing that so much of the demo scene is oppositional to the rather lame current mainstream values! No, not amazing, more like depressing...

    Some General Greetings!

    Loud and frantic hello's, with lots of motion-blurred waving go out to the following...

    Nicky, has been in my life, off and on, since 1998. Apart from being great to be with, she had the ultimate coolness factor of letting me have the space to indulge my wildest geek tendencies! Thanks again babes, we had some cool times together and I'll see you again soon! (This part of my life is now open to fresh meat *ahem*!)

    Leon, Kev, Malc, Tash, Damo, Strata, Griff, and Neo, who are the Reservoir Gods gang, and are some of the most talented and funniest scene people around.

    Richard (Felice), and John Hayward (Asteroid), my travelling companions, and a couple of very longstanding friends. Rich now has new added Paula in his life, they just got engaged, well done mate!

    Grey aka Michal Michalowski, He is the motivating boot on the backsides of the Polish Atari scene. There is a little diskmag called 'Chosneck' which he does. He's an incredibly cool guy, with an incredibly hot wife (Sylwia!).

    ST Survivor ('STS') aka Sebastien Larnac, a trusted co-collaborator with the Alive! Diskmag, he's a solid and reliable partner, and also a damn good goatie bearded dude!

    Cyclone ('CXT') aka Heinz He took over the editors chair for the Alive diskmag, which was vacated by Seb, and has managed to carry on pretty well with it. Respect!

    Adok, aka Claus Dieter-Volko He's the chap behind the PeeCee demoscene diskmag 'Hugi'. Just lately, I've been doing some bits of stuff with him as well.

    Shuiming Lai, One of the few people too sensible to have a nick. He's the co-creator of the Myatari webzine, and a dude who stops me getting too bored at work with his emails. Don't stop now!

    Stimpy (Lyndon Amson), He's a mere tadpole in age terms, he pays way too much for his car insurance, but he's a guru of the soldering iron. He did a good job of activating my CT60, and bringing a half-dead host machine back to life at the same time. A big shout goes to you mate!

    The international Atari scene in general, lots of people, such as, Evil,Baggio, Deez, Gokmase, the Nature Brothers (Swedish scene) Earx, Havoc, NUT, D-Force, TNH, Rich Karsmakers, Comp7 (Dutch people) Sqward, Adam, Winio, (Polski Sceners) STS, Zerkman, Rodolphe Czuba, Dbug, Sector One guys (the Frenchies) Paranoid, Remo, Ray, Lotek, mOdmate, Moondog, Defjam, 505, No, Charon, (The Germans) Setok, Wiztom, Q-Funk, Fit, Lance, Nosfe, Teque, Pahartik, Partycle, Marycloud Mega-babe! Osyn (Finland) Kua (Greece) Carbon, Torment, Grazey, gwEm, Manou (UK) - Oh, and anyone else that I forgot, which would still be quite a lot of people..