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    Coverack and Kynance.

Part of the fun of exploring The Lizard is visiting the smaller and out of the way places.

Coverack. This lovely fishing village on the east coast, shown here at low tide, has a tiny harbour built of local stone in 1724. On a summer day it seems peaceful and sheltered but as the photographs in the bar of the Paris Hotel show just how devastating the storms here can be. The Hotel is named after an American passenger liner which ran aground off the point in the storms of 1899. No life was lost on this occasion but the year before the SS Mohegan was wrecked on The Manacle Rocks with 106 drowned. The disused lifeboat station next to the harbour is now a restaurant.

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Kynance Cove near Lizard Point is probably the most painted and photographed place in Cornwall. This beauty spot has been a mecca for tourists since the 18th century. Brilliant turquoise water and white sand, with islands, caves and unexpected views are still a powerful draw today. Once remote and difficult to get to, The National Trust built a new toll road to a large car park on the downs above the cove. There is still a steep climb down to the beach but the views from above can now be enjoyed by the less energetic. The area abounds with rare botanical plants. Please do not pick them.

Whether the weather is fair or foul, the Lizard is worth a visit.

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