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    Mullion and Goonhilly Downs.

Mullion is the largest of the villages on the Lizard. A very lively place in the summer providing interesting shops to explore and pubs and restaurants providing good food and drink.

Mullion cove which is about 2 miles from the village was built as late as 1895. The tiny harbour on the wild western side of the Lizard was built to give protection to the Pilchard fishing which had developed here against all odds. The twin piers are in almost constant need of rebuilding as the fierce gales pound them every winter. The National Trust which has owned and maintained them since 1945 has done a splendid job in ensuring that they are kept in good repair. A favourite place for photographers and artists.

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Goonhilly Earth Station

Goonhilly Downs. The central part of the Lizard's landscape is completely dominate by the huge dishes of the largest satellite tracking station on earth and the towering windmills of the electricity wind generating farm which feeds them. The site is owned by British Telecom and guided tours are run daily from March to October. Although considered ugly and an intrusion by some, this site, because of its restricted access has helped to preserve some of the rarest heathland plants in Britain. Click photo for their web site.

Whether the weather is fair or foul, the Lizard is worth a visit.

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