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The grinning ninny Before I say anything else, I must stress that these pages are far from finished, so please don't be bitchy and sneer at the lack of content! I hope to keep adding things all the time, which will make the site bigger but will probably not add much to actual content! Although this site is credited to both Chris and I, it is in fact me, Kevan, who has thrown the thing together, with an abandon that (like myself) goes quite beyond gay. That's me there on the right, the only blemish on an otherwise lovely rural scene (if you think it's bad, you should see my College ID). For more pics, see below.

Sensibly, Chris has left all the page-authoring to me and has thus escaped the didactic nightmare that is HTML. If you just can't stand frames, I have written a non-frames version of this page but as I wrote the rest of the pages with the frames in mind, some of the pages might look a little odd. If you are odd too, I know you won't mind. Trust me when I tell you that Chris is here in spirit - he even has a stand-in on his page of photo's. If you would care to go and have a look, click the link on the left.

The Case for the Prosecution

Derek and Kevan photoThis is a picture me with Queen-of-Drag (in Palma anyway) the Divine Derek - she is supposed to be Sandie Shaw here but you'd never know it! Chris was also in this photo but, alas and alack, had to be edited out, for work reasons. He was wearing a lovely tight black T-shirt as well - what a pity you can't see how bona he looks in it!

Anyroad up, I am in eyes-closed DeNiro mode, as I usually am in photo's - something that drives Chris wild. It takes him a whole roll of film to catch me with my eyes open, or without some odd expression, when he is trying to do a good portrait shot of me. Yes, such a thing is possible, despite appearances. The minute Chris' finger moves to press the shutter release: I blink. This is especially true at night when he has to use Flash, that makes me blink every time! I suppose this rules out me ever joining the ranks of the Super Models...I suspect I may be nocturnal. Like a Bat.

Stroke me with your pointer again, big boy!This is my friend Paul; he looks all butch and masterful with that stubble but I happen to know that he has a handbag! No, not the kind you keep your slapbag and condoms in - it's his hyterically funny online 'women's magazine'. A privileged few, like myself, get a hard copy version which saves on 'phone-bills. Handbag' is so good you see, you may be reading for some time. If you are even mildly attractive he will probably send you a hard copy too, providing you agree to have sex with him*. This will have the added bonus of leaving his boyfriend Tony home alone - and fair game for me!

*This offer applies in the UK only.

Lucious Luis

These two Spanish dishes are our friends from Pamplona, who we met while we were all on holiday in Palma. We have kept in close contact with them and have made some rather shaky arrangements to meet up again in August! Mainly because of our meeting with them, the only daylight we saw was usually as we walked back to our Hotel as morning broke! Chris so wanted to take photo's of the sights too! Oh well, Rafa and Luis knew Palma well and showed us the alternative sights and believe me, there was plenty to see...

Raunchy Rafael

If you are going to Spain or any of it's territories soon, you may find useful a link I have included to some very useful pages which list all the Gay venues in the main resorts and cities of Spain - some where you might have thought there would be nothing at all. The link is in the directory on the left or you can click on the logo Right.España logo

Here are a couple of more pics - I'm really getting desperate now! The first one is of Chris and I in the woods of Cannock Chase, where we often go walking. It's quite a big file, so I've put a small version linked to the larger one for those who want to have a look. The other two I just slapped in to illustrate the many moods of a sensitive artist like moi. No wonder people stare at me in the street.

If you go down to the woods today...Cartoon KevanBig mouth...

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