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'Palabra de mujer's sleeve

Hi...and thanks for having the courage to look at my 'Big Thing'. I could just as easily have called this page 'Flavour Of The Month' but that wouldn't have been such an obvious smutty double-entendre! Anyway, here you will find whatever it is that is currently obsessing me and, as my boredom threshold is rather low, you can expect this page to be updated fairly regularly, so do come again!

This is Mónica Naranjo, I discovered Mónica while on holiday in Palma De Majorca where tracks from her album 'Palabra de mujer' (Shown above; the title translates as 'Words of woman' or 'Woman's words' - I think!) were being played heavily. When I got home, I rushed over to her website and registered as a fan, resulting in a mail from the site's maintainer informing me that I was her first English fan! The sense of honour I felt can scarce be described. Should you need more incentive to visit Mónica, here is a Personal Message from Mónica to her fans! Yes! It's really her! What do you mean "It's all in Spanish"? Oh, alright then you post-modern cynical thing you, here's something in a universal language: click for a sound clip of the fabulous single "DESATAME".

Wild Mónica picture Mónica lying on couch
Mónica long-legs picture

Mónica's primera albumThis is Mónica's first album which, had I known it existed then, I would have scoured Mallorca for! As it is, I have had to resort to sending a whining plea to Luis and Rafael to ask them to try and get it for me in Pamplona, where they live - I've promised to send the money...and I will...honest...

Mónica pouts Mónica sticks it out

I 'borrowed' these two pictures from an unofficial homepage devoted to Mónica. Again, it is in Spanish but it is all fantastically well done and well worth a look, it is quite obvious that a lot of care has gone into it - now that's what I call a Fan!

Mónica in Mexico!

Animated notes Here is a brief soundclip of another Spanish singer that I admire very much: Rocio Jurado. She is more of what you might call a 'Classic' (ie: Flamenco) Spanish singer although she doesn't limit herself to Spanish 'Classics' by any means. Her style encompasses many song genres, including Pop, and every style is treated with the same drama and passion. This is a short clip from her song: "Como las alas al viento" ("On the wings of the wind") .The sound quality isn't all that good but you get the general idea of what Rocio sounds like. It's not so much that she possesses a good voice, more that a good voice seems to possess her - sometimes she seems quite unable to control the emotion in it. This song was the highlight of Drag-Queen Derek's act and we were told that his impersonation was a very good one. I don't have a decent picture of Rocio yet but have asked some Spanish friends for one and will post it here when I receive it.

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