Chris' Explicit Photos!

Winker Here are a few of the better pics that I have taken in the last couple of years. I hope you like them! The quality's not brilliant, (it's Stoke College's scanners fault!) In the future I hope to scan the slides themselves to improve quality. Click once on the small images to get a better view. Any interested amateur photographers out there please feel free to email me for a chat.

This is a picture of Palma bay taken from our Hotel balcony, using a very long exposure so as to capture the traffic-trail effect. Palma's beautiful Cathedral can be seen in the distance, it is the second highest in the world. The picture was taken with a remote release in one hand and a Bacardi and Coke in the other, at dusk with a tripod mounted Minolta 9xi, 35 - 105 zoom lens at 105mm. The exposure was 20 seconds at f8 on fuji Velvia.

This is a picture of A cute Red Squirrel This little cutie was photographed in the Lake District in May of 1996. Kevan and I hired a wooden chalet which was surrounded by a small pine wood, with its own resident family of red sqirrels. These are unfortunately quite rare in the UK nowadays so I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to photograph them. I entered this piccy in the Countryfile '96 photo competition, where it was commended by the Picture Editor of the Radio Times, Theresa Eagle. It was also included in travelling exhibition of the winning photos.

This is a picture of Halebop Comet This piccy will always bring back painful memories!! I made big plans for photographing Comet Halebop. I have always been impressed with star trail and night sky photography and so was keen to have a go myself. I downloaded a fair bit of info from the net on the technicalities involved, recc'ied a few sights, like Cannock Forest and Jodrell Bank and spent a small fortune on different film, and then... ouch!! On Easter weekend, while playing squash with one of my workmates, I ruptured my Achilles Tendon!! The result of this was an operation and my leg in plaster for 8 weeks - bye bye plans for photographing Halebop! I managed to take this picture from the Park next to our flat, whilst on crutches! Good job Kevan was there to lug all the gear! Exposure was 15 seconds at f2.8 on Kodak Elite 400 slide film, through a 50mm lens

This is a picture of Littlt Moreton Hall TEXT TO BE INSERTED

This is a picture of Spooky Morton Corbet TEXT TO BE INSERTED

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