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Although I resisted them initially, they won me over gradually as I quickly realised where they were 'coming from' - if you'll pardon the expression. Neil's lyrics often seemed to say so much about my own life that I could resist no more! When they worked with Dusty Springfield they reawakened my interest in her and reintroduced me to some more of the music I grew up with - although I had already begun my re-investigations of 70's and 80's disco. Mi madre tells me I had a childish fixation with Dusty and would be absolutely fascinated by her eye make-up whenever she appeared on TV in the 70's (!) Hmmm...yes, well, let's not go into that! The official PSB website has (among other great things) links to Fans pages all over the world, some of which are fantastically complex and imaginative.

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Now it can be told! As indicated in the marquee thingy above I hold a shameful secret - I used to like Rock bands! The Smiths, The Cure, The Sugar Cubes - the litany of shame goes on and on... Only two bands survived my sojourn as a Student though: the Sundays and the mighty Cocteau Twins! The rest have been buried deep in the past, never to be spoken of again. Here's a clip from much sought-after (by the Cocteau's loyal fans) Christmas single "Frosty the Snowman"- as it's that time of year!

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"Oh, how stereotypical of a Gay man to like Dusty Springfield". you're probably thinking. Well, YOU try being homosexual and resisting that voice, those songs, that look and those arm movements - it's impossible!

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