ITW First Night

Gala Opening Night

Right. You've paid your extra 6 guineas for a new tuner to your 14" Ferguson Table Model, which itself cost 59 guineas (including purchase tax). You flip from the usual position up to now, Channel 1, The BBC Television Service, to Channel 9 on 22nd September 1955. What would you find ...

7.15 The Ceremony At Guildhall

7.15 The Guests Arrive

7.30 The Halle Orchestra

Cockaigne (in London Town) by Sir Edward Elgar
The National Anthem

7.45 Inaugural Speaches

The Lord Mayor of London, Sir Seymour Howard
The Postmaster-General, Charles Hill
Chairman of the ITA, Sir Kenneth Clark

8.0 Channel 9

A sparkling Variety show from ABC's Television Theatre. Appearing tonight introduced by Jack Jackson are: Shirley Abicair, Elizabeth Allen, Daphene Batchelor, Billy Cotton, Reg Dixon, Lucille Graham, Hughie Green, John Hanson, Sheila Mathews, Michael Miles, Bessie Rofers, Shirley Norman, Leslie Randall, Derek Roy, Joy Shelton, Harry Secombe, Leslie Welch, Kip Van Nash, Theda Sisters and the George Carden Dancers.

An ABC Production

8.40 Drama

Robert Morley Introduces:

The Importance of Being Earnest (excerpt)

Starring Dame Edith Evans, Margaret Leighton and Sir John Guilgud

A Towers of London Production.

Baker's Dozen

Starring Pamela Brown, Alec Guinness, Faith Brook.

A Towers of London Production.

Private Lives

Staring Kay Hammond and John Clements.

An Associated-Rediffusion Ltd Production.

9.10 Professional Boxing

Terrence Murphy v Lew Lazar

12 round contest for the Southern Area Middleweight Championship.

10.0 News and Newsreel

10.15 Gala Night at the Mayfair

Leslie Mitchell Introduces some of the guests.

10.30 Star Cabaret

With Music by Billy Ternant and his Orchestra.

10.50 Preview

A glimpse of some of the programmes to come on Independent Television during the coming months.

11.0 Epilogue

The National Anthem and close-down.

Not surprising maybe that one quarter of people with Channel 9-equipped sets watched the BBC. Eleven per cent didn't watch anything that night. But there were many more to come.
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