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That must have been culture, because it certainly wasn't entertainment (Lew Grade, apocryphal)

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Although ATV is thought of as producer of lightweight entertainment there haven't been many companies who would sweep one of their top rated programmes aside, even for just one week, to replace it with opera.

Below is a small subjective list of programmes. If your favourite ATV programme is missing let me know, and I will add it.

First Nights

ATV London

The opening night of ITV was a joint effort between ATV and Associated Rediffusion. Two days later it was down to ATV (known then as ABC):

Note the Saturday morning programme for children - nearly 20 years before Tiswas. Look into the history of ATV to find out why it was called ABC at this time.

ATV Midlands

Colour (15 November 1969)

Last Nights

ATV London

Listen to Trevor Lucus make the closing announcement for ATV London.

ATV Midlands

and Mike Prince and Shaw Taylor make the closing announcement for ATV in the Midlands.

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