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16/02/04 - Added a new PlugIn for Tom Aust's Tom Tree Include file.
14/12/03 - Added a new version of the Tree PlugIn, have fun.
20/12/01 - Added 2 pics showing new columns (3 ISO colomns + Tapered plain cols + segmented cols + secondary textures + extra detail)
13/10/01 - Updated Grass PlugIn file because of a bug in HF output.
11/10/01 - Added new Grass PlugIn for Moray allowing Grass to grow on objects - Please read the READ_ME.txt file.
18/09/01 - Added Pic showing Pov3.5's trace implemented with the Grass PlugIn :-).
23/04/01 - Added 2 new PlugIns for Grass and Tree macros by Gilles Tran.
18/04/01 - Added Pic showing new PlugIns for Grass and Tree macros by Gilles Tran (I'll probably release them next week as I'm away for the rest of this week).
04/03/01 - Added Web PlugIn and Fixed Referencing Bug in Smoke PlugIn.
20/02/01 - Removed Glow merge - you must be careful not to allow glows in unions of any type.
19/02/01 - The Spray PlugIn has been updated to allow the Nozzle to be reduced to 0.001units.
08/01/01 - The new Glow PlugIn is finally being released (make sure you use MegaPov 6 before you render use ALT-F9 and choose the MegaPov exe instead of the pvengine.exe)
08/01/01 - All of the 3.2 PlugIns have been re-released due to a small bug.
06/01/00 - Added new Statically Linked Versions of PlugIns to make them compatible with Moray Ver.3.2; NOTE they are much bigger than the previous versions :-(
24/12/99 - Added SmokeGen Include PlugIn, Happy Christmas, Happy Raytracing and Happy Y2K!!


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For Moray Ver.3.1
PlugIn Name  Version No. Size in Kb Date Updated
Moray Liquid Spray PlugIn File 0.09 36Kb 5/9/99
Moray Columns PlugIn File 0.04 40Kb 5/9/99
Moray City PlugIn File 0.5 Beta 56Kb 10/9/99
Moray Galaxy PlugIn File 0.3 Beta 51Kb 29/9/99
Moray Link PlugIn File 0.2 Beta 50Kb 16/11/99
Moray SmokeGen PlugIn File 0.1 Beta 344Kb 24/12/99

For Moray Ver.3.2 or above
PlugIn Name  Version No. Size in Kb Date Updated
Moray Liquid Spray PlugIn File 0.14 303Kb 19/02/01
Moray City PlugIn File 0.7 Beta 321Kb 08/01/01
Moray Galaxy PlugIn File 0.8 Beta 320Kb 08/01/01
Moray Link PlugIn File 0.6 Beta 296Kb 08/01/01
Moray SmokeGen PlugIn File 0.8 Beta 609Kb 04/03/01
Moray Column PlugIn File 0.06 Beta 110Kb 08/01/01
Moray Glow PlugIn File MegaPov 6 or > ONLY 0.06 Alpha 86Kb 20/02/01
Moray Web PlugIn File 0.1 Beta 286Kb 04/03/01
Moray Tree PlugIn File 0.4 Beta 84.7Kb 14/12/03
Moray Grass PlugIn File 0.1 Beta 91Kb 23/04/01
For Moray Ver.3.2 or above and Pov3.5
PlugIn Name  Version No. Size in Kb Date Updated
Moray Grass PlugIn File (ONLY works with Pov 3.5) 0.4 Beta 307Kb 19/02/04
Moray TomTree PlugIn File (ONLY works with Pov 3.5) 0.1 Beta 1.8Mb 16/02/04

TomTr eeTree PlugIn

Grass & Tree PlugIn

Web PlugIn

Glow PlugIn

Columns PlugIn

Liquid Spray PlugIn

City & Galaxy PlugIn

Link PlugIn

Smoke Gen PlugIn

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