Christopher John Cheffings (or) DJ Jazzy Cheffs

Christopher's Cave

Hi. My name's Chris. I'm 14 and I'm one of those typical teenagers who cheek
everyone and answer back all the time. On the whole, though, I reckon I am O.K.

I go to the Army Cadets twice a week. I am in 'E' Company,
Ashby detachment, England. I like to go on their camps a lot, especially when it's two weeks in Scotland! I've got my shooting badge (second class .22) and my 1 Star.

I don't like school much. I like to listen to pop music. I like Meatloaf and Alanis Morissette

I am tall, have brown eyes and if you want to talk, you know what to do.

Well, that's me really.


Talk to me!!

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