Me (not really).

Yes, I know. Funny, eh? If you don't know who the brave little sheep is up top, you've got to watch 'A Close Shave' ~ the third installment in Nick Park's excellent 'Wallace & Gromit' series. The sheep's called Shorn!! Get it? Ah, well…

This is the real me…The Real Me...

I'm Shaun. I'm the dad, and one hell of a nice guy ~ that fella in the mirror keeps telling me so, anyway. I'm into all sorts of things. I love the The X~Files and the Simpsons, but who doesn't? I like movies such as Highlander and The Hunt for Red October (yep, I do like Sean Connery, but the films are good anyway), Toy Story and stuff like Star Wars. I like music like the Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Alanis Morisette and Tina Turner, and since being with Lynn, I don't mind Elvis too much.

I reckon I'm fairly creative, or, at least, I try to be. I write stories (I'll finish my book someday) and poetry, and I like to sketch a bit too.

As for work, I work for a company called E.W.E.. That's Engineering With Excellence. I'm the Computer Operations Manager. It's a bit of a grand title, and means I sort out all the stuff on the computers. That includes writing things like spreadsheets, relational databases, Visual Basic applets and the like. I'm also contracted to Lindsey Oil Refinery in the inspection department to do the same sort of thing. It gets a bit hectic at times, 'cos I'm more or less running two jobs at once, but that's probably one of the reasons I enjoy it.

Please leave your message after the beep...BEEP!!

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