<center><i><b>Escape...</i></b> <p> Dragons soar all through the skies,<br> And hunters search with eagle eyes,<br> Fairies fly on tiny wings,<br> And far away an angel sings. <p> Waters fall, rainbow bright,<br> And stars shoot through the starry night.<br> Giants and dwarves walk side by side,<br> And only goblins have to hide. <p> A wizard raises an old, grey hand,<br> And, on a whisper of magic, you fly through the land.<br> The wind's in your hair, and wolves run at your heel,<br> And nothing can compare with how you now feel. <p> But then you realise, as you look up,<br> With a vague hint of sadness,<br> It was only a book... <hr> <i><b>This Night</i></b> <p> This night is safe. <p> The air is light,<br> The breeze the same.<br> The darkness a soft, warm shroud<br> The sounds and the scents and the sights are calm. <p> This night is safe. <p> Up.<br> Up high.<br> The eyes tight, silver shards.<br> The lips tight, thin, deep red.<br> The features stone.<br> Crouching.<br> Waiting.<br> Breathing,<br> Barely. <p> This night is safe. <p> This night... <hr> <i><b>The Witching Hour</i></b> <p> The clock strikes<br> Once. <p> The mists sift and slide<br> (As the clock strikes<br> Twice). <p> Demons crawl from where they hide,<br> And the clock strikes<br> Thrice. <p> Hell's own hounds,<br> (As the fourth chime sounds,)<br> And the dead come to life<br> (As the clock strikes<br> Five)<br> Sup the devil's own mix<br> (And the clock strikes<br> Six). <p> A creeping malevolence<br> (As the clock strikes<br> Seven)<br> Invades and pervades<br> (As the clock strikes<br> Eight). <p> And as the clock strikes<br> Nine,<br> The beasts begin to dine,<br> And as the clock strikes<br> Ten,<br> You hear the screams again. <p> The eleventh hour sounds,<br> And the baying of the hounds<br> Looses dark power,<br> And the clock strikes<br> The witching hour... <hr> <i><b>I Wonder</i></b> <p> I wonder <p> When I close my eyes,<br> Does the world cease to exist?<br> Gone in a second,<br> Brief moments unmissed. <p> And I wonder <p> When I close my eyes,<br> Does the world just disappear,<br> Leaving not a trace<br> To show it was ever here? <p> And I wonder <p> When the world closes its eyes, And can no longer see,<br> I wonder,<br> What happens to me? <hr> <i><b>Sweet Dreams</i></b> <p> You lay there in your bed,<br> the echoes of your mother's words<br> rolling around in your head. <p> "Sweet dreams," she said, <p> You can see the light<br> under the door,<br> casting shadows<br> across the floor,<br> shadows that move<br> when there's nothing there,<br> waiting to drag you<br> into their lair. <p> You can see the moon<br> through the gap in the curtains.<br> You can see that it's full,<br> and you are, oh, so certain<br> that, should you look out<br> you'd see more than you'd like,<br> all manner of creatures<br> preparing to strike. <p> You can see your wardrobe<br> is slightly ajar,<br> and from inside<br> reaches an old, grey claw.<br> As it opens the door,<br> you can hear the low moans,<br> and you know it's just waiting<br> for your eyes to close. <p> But your covers are pulled tight<br> right up to your face,<br> your armour 'gainst the night,<br> as your heart starts to race.<br> Your tired eyes dart<br> all around the room,<br> and you hope beyond hope<br> that the sun will rise soon. <p> You listen to the breathing<br> of the monsters under the bed,<br> and you remember your mother's words <p> "Sweet dreams," she said. <hr> <i><b>Icarus Wings</i></b> <p> On the wings of Icarus<br> I fly. <p> I am risen up<br> by your touch<br> and your lingering taste<br> and your breath <p> I soar in your eyes<br> and swoop in your hair<br> I dive at your absence<br> and plummet at your despair <p> Then I glide <p> as you smile <p> And on Icarus wings <br> I fly</centre> <p> <hr> <P> <CENTER><A HREF="index.htm" ><IMG HREF="index.htm" SRC="point.gif" ALT="Home Page" border="0" ALIGN="ABSMIDDLE"></A> <A HREF="shaun.htm">Shaun</A> <A HREF="lynn.htm">Lynn</A> <A HREF="joanna.htm">Joanna</A> <A HREF="chris.htm">Chris</A> <A HREF="lady.htm" >Lady</A> <A HREF="prog1.htm" >Downloads</A> <A HREF="gallery.htm" >Gallery</A></CENTER>