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Hello to all out there that know me. If you don't, let me introduce myself. I am, as you may have guessed, Stephen Benbow! I moved from London to the Middle East (Muscat, then Dubai) when I was 8, and then came back to the UK to get a degree. I have now completed my studies at Plymouth University have obtained my BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Ocean Science.  Being a student was great, but often didn't provide much beer money.  Check out my webpage on How to Earn Money and Get Free Stuff for ideas similar to the ones that I used as a student (and still use some of them today).

 I now work for Wincanton (a 3rd Party Supply Chain Logistics Company) as a Network Optimisation Manager in the Construction sector.  I have worked for Wincanton for 7 years, and have done a variety of roles both centrally and operationally.

What do I like doing? Hmm, well I like sailing. In Dubai, my local sailing club is Jebel Ali Sailing Club. I used to sail on a yacht (Benateau First) called "Insatiable" whilst I was there. It was then skippered by Neil Rickerby, and we used to enter many of the local races (with varying degrees of success, evening winning quite a few). It did used to get rather hot going round the cans during the summer, with a triangle lasting only 10 mins, so spinnaker work was often fast and hectic.

At first sailing in Plymouth was rather boring. There was almost no dinghy racing organised by the University Sailing Club (apart from the once where they had an illegal "hook finish", no protests, and used all the really old boats). I never found out about the University Yacht Club until after all the crews had already been picked, and then it was too late. So, instead, myself and a friend (Gavin Benbow - no the names area coincidence - we are not related!) decided to buy a Hobie 16, and it's been fun ever since. I still don't sail as much as I would like, but I think half of that is due to the weather (I prefer the shorts and t-shirts of Dubai to the drysuit weather of Plymouth).

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Another one of my hobbies is hashing (the running kind). There are now three hashes in Dubai; the Creek Hash, the Desert Hash, and the Moonlight Hash. Other Hashes can also be found in the UAE. The Creek Hash House Harriers is really the best of them all. It runs on a Tuesday, it's men only, and it's great fun.

I have just registered a new web domain - - feel free to check it out.  It has links to loads of great online stores - from Clothes and Gadgets to Betting and Dating links.

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