A biography of General H.R. MacIver, soldier of fortune.
By Captain W.D. L'Estrange.

"... a good read."

Aberdeen Press and Journal

"The next moment, rifle in hand, the daring young soldier sprang on to the parapet, where he was fully exposed to the enemy's shots. "Zip--zip--zip--zip," whistled the
bullets around him, and there he stood as calmly as if on parade, firing and reloading, firing and reloading....

Before long his cap was shot off his head, his loose, red Garibaldian shirt was perforated, and his body actually grazed in many places, and yet he kept his stand. Each instant his comrades expected to see him fall back dead or mortally wounded but he never flinched, nor stirred even, except to discharge or load his rifle."

This book tells the remarkable true story of Henry Ronald MacIver, who fought in many of the major and minor conflicts in the later 19th century,
pausing only to fight duels, recover from his many wounds, or propose to a pretty lady.

Bibliographic Information
Title: Under Fourteen Flags
Author: W.D. L'Estrange
ISBN: 0-9533168-2-3
Format: Paperback
Size: 21.4cm x 13.8cm
Pages: 230pp
Published: April 99
Price: £9.99

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